Smart Utilities

      Smart Energy and Smart Environment are the solutions for growing urban

those provide efficiency and quality to manage energy and environment

including water for better living.


Enhance the efficiency of energy management and environment control for

buildings and communities by:

    - Providing environment solution in various modules to customers , for

      examples circular economy, green building, waste management, zero

      waste etc.

    - Reducing energy cost with smart load control

    - Providing alternative energy and solution for reliability and energy saving

    - Developing BIM for smart utility maintenance




      Rapidly improving technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are enabling building and living community to higher level of efficiency and quality of life.
By 2023, forecasting residential construction value will be over 46,000 MB causes increasing demand of energy and natural resources. Rising price and limiting resources need to be well managed . Smart utilities are the solutions.