Project Execution

Our Work

1. Integrated Cement Plant Project: Cambodia

KCC1-2500tpd and KCC2 2500tpd, Indonesia (SB1-5000tpd), Laos (KCL-5000tpd)

2. Integrated Cement Plant Project with Power generation plant 40 MW and Unloading/Loading facilities and Port in Myanmar (MCL-5000tpd).

3. Renewable Energy Project : Solar Farm in Saraburi Thailand (STL 3.5MW and SKK 9MW) and Floating solar in Cambodia (KCC 7.5MW)

4. Project for increasing production capacity including Vertical Cement Mill, Vertical Raw Mill, Bulk Loader for Cement Plant.

5. Factory: Precast Factory, Light Weight Aggregate Factory, Food Further Factory, Feed Mill, Steel Mini Mill Plant, Glass Container Factory, Drinking Energy Factory etc.

6. Unloading Port: Coal unloading facility (Screw unloader) and Port at Wat Bandai Ayudya Thailand.

Turnkey Project Solution

We can provide systematic management and consulting for turn key construction project, now BIM has been developed as a critical platform to support our client and project team to ensure speed and higher efficiency. Moreover, we have professional staffs who specialized in their field with knowledge and experience working in project management and also with our professional site management system which support and guarantee your project reach the goals. Our Turn Key Project Solution will guarantee Your Project Goal

    Safety                           Quality

    On Time                       On Budget

    Good Appearance        Vertical Start up